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Stem cells for men’s health

Stem cells for men’s health

Nowadays, the life is full of stress that leads to sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, problems with metabolism (first of all – to obesity, diabetes and the lack of testosterone), hypertension, chronic fatigue. Unfortunately, almost all of the above mentioned aspects have bad influence upon sexual function and erection.

Today this problem has the following solutions:

  • – life-long use of special stimulators like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis;
  • – surgical treatment (prosthetics of penis).

Both of these ways of treatment (especially surgery) are not the perfect solutions as the most important thing is lost – spontaneous and unpredictability of sexual intercourse.

The alternative solution of the problem has been developed in our clinic – stem cell treatment. It helps to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional treatment, provide the recovery of own erections and sexual life without medications.

The unique properties of stem cells provide self-determination of the center of the problem and its removal; simultaneous impact on all the weak points; give an opportunity to harmonize sexual function.

There exists complex protocol of erection recovery: fetal cells of the liver embryo are applied not only intravenously, but also into sinuses of penis. This promotes creation of new young vessels. Stem cells of the fetal brain are applied into spinal centers of erections and into the points of acupuncture for sleep stabilization; special fibroblasts inducing collagen are injected into penis tunic to recover necessary elasticity. Extracts of testicle and adrenal stem cells are applied subcutaneously to provide the production of testosterone.

Treatment and recommendations have to be monitored by urologist, neurologist and endocrinologist. It is necessary to conduct special regenerative preparation – detoxification, Re-Oxy therapy (imitation of highlands that provides rejuvenation at the intracellular level) and shear-wave therapy (to activate the own stem cells of the penis).

The use of the protocol provides harmony in sexual life, good sleep, general tone and working efficiency minimum for 1 year. Welcome to the Harmony!

03. 02. 2021

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