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Urologist advices for men

Urologist advices for men

The most frequent complaints are received by urologists on rather late stages, when the prostatitis is already launched on its advanced stage. Men have complains about the nagging pain below waist, difficulty with urination and sexual intercourse.

All of these symptoms are a serious reason for being examined. Urologists identify the causes of erectile dysfunction and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Causes of erectile dysfunction can be multiple:

  • Sedentary lifestyle. It is well known, that the movement is life. If you always sit, health problems will not keep you waiting.
  • Uncontrolled sexual behavior. Who said that severe venereal diseases – are the only thing that a random partner can give you? It is enough to get infected once, and it invisibly develops into a serious problem.
  • Neglecting the weather. Hypothermia is very bad for all parts of the body.

Urology diseases: how to prevent
Urology deals not only with the problem of male impotence, but with all inflammatory or stagnant phenomena in the urogenital system. To stay healthy observe the following guidelines:

  • Drink lots of water. Each time, when you feel thirsty, do not force the body to suffer, as an inadequate fluid intake is the first cause of cholelithiasis.
  • Eat minimum of salt. No matter how much you like well spiced food, the amount of salt should be limited, as because of it fluid pools in the body.
  • Drink less coffee – caffeine acts as a diuretic.
  • Urinate before and after having sex. This reduces the chances of bacteria to fix in the urogenital tract and cause infection.
  • Do not delay to go to the specialist. Even if a visit to the medical center is a burden for you, the slightest symptoms of prostatitis need help of doctors for the disease not to develop into a chronic.
  • Regularly take a shower and wash your groin area carefully.
  • Sleep enough.
  • Have sex regularly.
  • Keep your diet. Enrich diet with vegetables, fruits, grains and seafood.
  • Give up the alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol reduces the sensitivity and the amount of testosterone in the blood, cigarettes interrupt blood circulation in the body.

You do not want to go for a long-term treatment to the urology clinic?
Follow the simple rules – dress warmly, go in for sports and protect yourself during sexual intercourse with an unreliable partner. The ideal solution would be regular examinations – only one visit to the Department of Urology in a year will save you from the risk of chronic prostatitis and surgery.



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