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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

ED is a state of inability to achieve and / or maintain penis hardness sufficient to conduct full sexual intercourse with adequate sexual stimulation.

At the diagnostic stage, all factors that can lead to erectile disorders are investigated:

  • Psycho-neurological (anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, local sensitivity of the penis) – neurologist, questionnaire, vibro test;
  • Hormonal: testosterone levels, hidden sugar (HbA1c). If necessary – endocrinologist;
  • Vascular: Ultrasound dopplerography of the vessels of the penis.
  • Inflammatory: a study of the prostate gland, urine

At the preparatory medical stage, correction of the detected disorders (acupuncture, vitamins, detoxification, sleep correction, shock wave therapy to activate the progenitor cells of the penis, vacuum therapy with individual erotic video stimulation through virtual glasses) is carried out. At the regenerative stage, stem cells are introduced directly into the penis to restore the vessels and tissues responsible for erection and the introduction of neural cells in the projection of sacral spinal erection centers to restore neurological support for erection. A systemic (i.v. and subcutaneous injection of fetal and placental cells is also performed to restore hormonal balance).

The monitoring stage includes distant communication with the patient with correction and gradual minimization of supportive therapy.

Duration: 5 days

Prognosis: in case of severe erection disorders, “replacement of surgery (endofalloprosthetics) with therapy — effective administration of stimulators with gradual minimization of the dose; in medium and light forms, a complete rejection of stimulants and a pharmacologically independent sexual life is possible !!!

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