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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that:

  • Sexual failure – often the first and the only symptom of developing latent diabetes;
  • Normal sugar, tested on an empty stomach is not a reason to be calm, correct screening for diabetes is- a threefold dimension on the background load of sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin test – “sugar for 3 months”.
  • High sugar “shoots” on all the mechanisms to ensure an erection.
  • Diabetes and erectile disorder – not a sentence to surgical treatment, modern biotechnological methods allow to restore sexual function.

Diabetes and Impotence
Diabetes – is:

vascular damage in the form of violations of producing the inner wall (endothelium) necessary substances and narrowing of the lumen, which leads to a lack of blood flow to the “vital” male organ; high blood sugar affects collagen -is very important for the penis structure – tunica – which leads to the loss of its required elasticity and violates the erection. With the first problem we handle complex therapy: use vasoactive medicines, vacuum, shock wave therapy, and stem cells, which provide the emergence of new, young and undamaged vessels, for the second problem – stem cells that trigger the production of healthy collagen, are today the single alternative to surgery !
The defeat of nerve structures which provides erections by chronically high sugar: a member of the nerve endings, conductors and spinal erection center. To solve this problem, we use special medication, electrostimulation and fetal (brain) stem cells to repair damaged nerve connections; cells are injected into the respective exit site of spinal nerves on biologically active points.
Testosterone deficiency – often present in diabetes – we apply the placenta preparations that allow to solve this problem, and with minimization of pharmacological preparations of testosterone, through increased production of natural testosterone.
Anxiety, depression and insomnia often are related to diabetes. The cortex and the subcortex play a very important role in erection. We can solve this problem by selecting the optimal sparing drug therapy, acupuncture and regular use of stem cells.
Diabetic Impotence – What to Do?
Erectile dysfunction treatment in diabetes mellitus is a complex problem, and its solving depends on the integrated effort of a professional team.

In our center there is a concerted work of the following professionals:

  • andrologist,
  • endocrinologist
  • neurologist,
  • And, of course, biotechnology
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