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Anti Aging Therapy

The course of rejuvenation includes the impact on the internal environment of the body (sleep, general tone, metabolism, sexual function) and appearance. An endocrinologist, a neurologist, an orthopedist, a sexologist and a cosmetologist are involved in the program.

At the stage of diagnostics, a laboratory and instrumental examination is carried out with the determination of the state of metabolism and the functions of the main systems (hormonal, nervous, cardiovascular), and the patient’s wishes for appearance are simulated; after which an individual treatment program is drawn up.

 The treatment program includes:

  • Preparatory stage: detoxification (medication, blood purification methods, physiotherapy, work with a rehabilitation therapist, beauty care procedures).
  • Regenerative stage: introduction of cellular preparations:
    • multifunctional stem cells (formation of new blood vessels, improvement of metabolism) intravenous and intracavernous (into the penis);
    •  neural stem cells – acupuncture points – improved sleep, memory, performance;
    • placenta stem cells – subcutaneously, improving immunity, hormonal balance;
    • masks with chorion (early placenta);
    • cosmetology injections with fetal collagen producing fibroblasts.
  • Monitoring stage – at home, control tests after 3 and 6 months, recommendations.

The duration of the course is 5 days, in case of particular cosmetological wishes up to 10 days.

Forecast: the effect lasts from 1 to 3 years.



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