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Viral prophylaxis in Kiev Renaissance Technology clinic

Prevention of viral diseases

Viral prevention of the body

According to futurologists, a person colonizes the Moon before he learns to treat a banal viral rhinitis! Why are the prospects so bleak? The virus acts, first of all, as an insidious cracker of our defense systems: imitating “its own”, it blocks the signaling - the receptors of immune cells, and when the “signaling” is turned off, it quietly penetrates into our “bank cells” - tissues and cells of the body, and rob and destroy them.

With this insidious and bloodthirsty criminal, they fight in different ways: you can call special forces - chemotherapy drugs, when the robber is already inside and the security forces will safely finish everything during the arrest, or you can prevent the robbery by setting up a reliable alarm. The role of this signaling is played by our immune system, and you don't even need to go to the pharmacy for the first component - we were born with it!

  1. The cells of our blood's immunity - lymphocytes are covered with receptors that “sense the virus”. If a blood sample is taken and the receptors are chemically purified, the sensitivity of the "alarm" will increase significantly, and your blood injected subcutaneously into special points will promptly raise the alarm and prevent crime.
  2. There is also a deeper, biophysical method of influence. Specially cultured adult immune cell precursors - mesenchymal cells, being injected intravenously, will compete with the virus both by the mechanism of "competition" for the "keyhole" (receptors) and by the mechanism of "trap" - distraction to an unusable object.
  3. Finally, both mechanisms will play a role in "compensation for losses" no worse than the insurance company in the event that an infection has occurred. The fact is that mesenchymal cells have a magical homing effect - they find their own home - and for them these are the organs and tissues most damaged by the virus, migrate there and "repair the damage", which makes it easier and with minimal consequences to transfer the disease.


Our clinic offers a program for the immunization of viral infections, which includes:

  • Coronavirus specific diagnostic test.
  • Self-prophylaxis with your own blood.
  • Intravenous infusion of mesenchymal cells.

The program includes a one-time visit, a doctor's examination, time 2 hours, specify the cost by phone or in the form on the website

24. 03. 2021

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