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Stem cells – the youth of your joints

Stem cells – the youth of your joints

Arthritis is the most widespread problem of the musculo-skeletal system. It is connected with the disorder of alimentation of the joint structures that leads to the damage of joint cartilages and production of synovial liquid. As the result, the main function of the joint – movement – is lost. Pain, edemas and crunches are also the complaints of the patient with arthritis.

Modern approaches to the problem are based on the conservative and surgical methods. Conservative treatment includes different types of physiotherapy, massages and injections of different medications into the joint. The most preferable of these injections is hyaluronic acid. Unfortunately, late visit to the doctor because of the lack of patient’s knowledge about the disease, often leads to the surgical treatment – prosthesis.

The use of stem cells gives an opportunity to receive strong effect on all the stages of arthritis except of the fourth, the last one. The stage of the disease is detected via the MRI. During the preparatory stage the adaptation of the joint to stem cells application is conducted. The stage consists of the ReOxy therapy, shock-wave therapy and procedures with osteopathic doctor. After this, universal stem cells are applied to normalize the metabolism and special stem cells, fibroblasts of soft tissues are injected into the joint that helps to recover the structure and function of the joint cartilage. The effect becomes visible during the first days of stem cells application.



08. 02. 2021

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