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Stroke (acute cerebrovascular accident, stroke) – essentially proceeds in two ways: lack of blood supply to the brain due to violations of the regulation of vascular tone – the so-called ischemic stroke or hemorrhage into the brain tissue due to insolvency of the vascular wall. In both cases, certain parts of the brain are damaged, with loss of those functions for which they are responsible.

The manifestation of a stroke is very diverse and depends on the affected area of the brain. In most cases, it is weakness and numbness in the arm and / or leg, impaired speech, vision, dizziness, nausea, vomiting.

Diagnosis of stroke is based on data from a neurological examination, as well as MRI. On neurological examination, the patient can determine the presence of lesions in certain parts of the brain. MRI allows you to visualize the area and size of the brain damage

Treatment can be divided into 2 types:

  • Treatment of the acute phase of stroke, antihypertensive, vascular, nootropic medications are used, which are developed to minimize the increase in the affected area.
  • Treatment of the consequences of a stroke. For this purpose, an integrated approach using the methods of regenerative therapy is used (fetal pluripotent stem cells obtained from the embryo’s liver are used, they are designed to ensure the formation of new, young and healthy blood vessels; specialized neuronal fetal cells obtained from the embryo’s brain, ensuring the recovery of lost nerve cell functions; as well as placenta cells, which are made to mobilize the body’s immune forces), by attracting a rehabilitologist, physiotherapy for the period of onset of stem cell action. The duration of the rehabilitation phase of patient with stroke is 10 days. The prognosis for stroke survivors, while following the recommendations, is very favorable. Most patients have a significant decrease in all complaints, an increase in strength in the limbs, a decrease in numbness, and an improvement in vision and speech.


22. 02. 2021

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