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What is erectile dysfunction (impotence)?

What is erectile dysfunction (impotence)?

Erectile dysfunction – is the state of the inability to have and support the erection, which is enough for comprehensive sexual intercourse.

What affects the male potency?
So, erection insufficiency means incomplete repletion and hardness of penis, it reveals in middle and old age men with vascular and hormonal disorders; instable erections more typical for young men with anxiety problems, venous leakage and old gentlemen with androgen deficiency.

As a whole ring, detailed conversation with patient lets to find the cause; laboratory and instrumental methods serve to support diagnosis. We must look more closely to the whole sexual cycle, not only erection.

Symptoms of impotence in men

  • Sensation of cold and numbness in genitalia. It indicates about cortex and dyencephal disorders; sleeping disturbances. It needs to be differentiated from vascular problems with Doppler – test;
  • Premature ejaculation: if it is manifested from start of sexual life, conveyed by enuresis – we must think about paracentral syndrome; this is neurological pathology. If this complaint appeared later and conveyed disurea, pain, orgasms blurring we suspect inflammation;
  • Decreased interest and orgasm blurring allows suspect hormonal disorders, if it is conveyed with insomnia – it is necessary think about anxiety and depression.

How to treat impotence?
Treatment of erectile disorders need “one-man band” or professional team of specialists (it is necessary to involve endocrinologist and neurologist). We created such team in our medical centre!

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