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Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease

The main suffering of a patient with Parkinson’s disease is household helplessness.

Patients experience trembling (tremor) of hands, which increases with emotional experiences, and disappears when performing precise targeted actions, as well as during sleep. This leads to problems with performing precise movements – it becomes difficult to fasten buttons, eat food, and eventually walk. The patient’s handwriting begins to change (letters decrease).

The target of Parkinson’s disease is a special subcortical structure – a black substance that is responsible for the production of a very important hormone – dopamine.

In the diagnostics of Parkinson’s disease, the examination of an experienced neurologist plays a leading role. Instrumental research methods are auxiliary.

Parkinson’s disease treatment program in our medical center takes 5 days. At the preparatory stage, an experienced neurologist confirms the diagnosis, a rehabilitation therapist, an osteopath, work with the patient, physiotherapy and reoxygenation (imitation of high mountains) is used. After preparation, the infusion of pluripotent (multifunctional) fetal stem cells is carried out intravenously and the infusion of fetal neural cells into biologically active points selected by a neurologist.

Today, cell therapy is the only alternative to the conservative treatment of Parkinson’s disease, the only chance to minimize the use of medications and ensure a long-term effect and improve the patient’s quality of life.


06. 03. 2021

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