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Liver Disease

Liver Disease

The main symptoms to suspect liver disease include unmotivated weakness, sleep disturbance, itching, dryness and bitterness in the mouth, skin changes from paleness and yellowness of the skin to pigment spots and the appearance of spider veins, discomfort in the right hypochondrium, impaired digestion. But very often, liver disease is asymptomatic.

Diagnosis is based on the study of hepatic blood enzymes, the presence of specific antibodies to viral hepatitis, and structural changes in the liver using fibroscan (measurement of the elasticity of liver tissue)

Treatment in our clinic includes preparatory detoxification, regenerative cell therapy and monitoring stages. At the 1st stage, detoxification therapy is performed using plasmapheresis and mediations with the participation of a hepatologist and, if necessary, endocrinologist, neurologist and other specialists. This stage allows you prepare the body for the introduction of stem cells, that is, to the 2nd stage. At the 2nd stage, multifunctional pluripotent stem cells from the liver of the embryo are used, placenta cells play the role of an immunity adjuster and special cells of various organs, depending on the relevance of complications.

The first 2 stages take 5 days, after which the patient receives home recommendations for the monitoring phase (stage 3) which lasts 3-6 months, is carried out distantly and includes periodic monitoring of hepatic enzymes and other biochemical parameters with the receipt of recommendations.

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