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Stem cell therapy for diabetes mellitus – alternative to insulin.

Stem cell therapy for diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is divided into two absolutely different diseases which differ in their reasons and mechanisms of development. These two diseases have one thing in common – increased blood sugar level that leads to the general complications – injuries of blood vessels and nerve endings of the important organs of the heart, brain, eyes, kidneys.

Fundamental differences reveal themselves in the situation with insulin:

  • – diabetes mellitus, type 1 – the lack of insulin because of the affection of the pancreas;
  • – diabetes mellitus, type 2 – enough or excess insulin that is “invisible” for organs.

The portraits of the two types are also completely opposite:

  • – diabetes, type 2 – thin child or young person
  • – diabetes, type 2 – overweight middle aged and elderly people

The results of the regenerative (stem cell) therapy show that 50 % of the patients with the diabetes mellitus type 2 become insulin-independent. Patients with the type 1 diabetes manage to reduce the dose of insulin in 2 times or more after stem cell treatment.

The second important issue is the prevention and treatment of diabetes complications. The application of stem cells is completely effective in the treatment of the both types of diabetes mellitus. The main effects are connected with the recovery of the cell balance, formation of new blood vessels and nerve endings, normalization of the immune system and metabolism.

Stem cell therapy helps to avoid the attacks of such complications as renal failure, strokes, infarctions, gangrene, pain in legs, blindness, erection.

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