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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

Mistakes in politics like phthisis when you can make a difference – can”’t see them, and when they become visible – it’s too late …”

If the term “phthisis ” is replaced with the term “steatosis”, sentence does not lose its meaning. Indeed, steatosis could exist without symptoms for a long period of time, but when the symptoms become visible – then it is often late, the development of liver cirrhosis with the loss of its vital functions is observed.

Liver cirrhosis symptoms
As for the early symptoms of cirrhosis , there are many non-specific symptoms which are similar to symptoms of other diseases. In fact, only a very worried – people-will contact the doctor with a list of symptoms

periodic abdominal discomfort, belching, heartburn
That’s why self-diagnosis is not the best way. For these reasons, the traditional medicine often can not detect the disease on time, because there is no purely specific symptoms: increase in liver on ultrasound and increased bilirubin and hepatic enzymes (not always).

Steatosis is one of the most paradoxical of diseases: the broadest prevalence (up to 70- 80%) – the timely detection is poor.

Stress, unhealthy and irregular meals, drink a lot of alcohol could start the process of lipid metabolic disorders. The main reason of this pathological process is lesion of lipid metabolism in liver. As a result our liver loses its main cleansing function.

Liver cirrhosis treatment
The disease is not harmless and the timely detection is not very good, but what about the treatment? Unfortunately, the picture is not joyful. Usually a diet is prescribed (limit fats, more plant proteins); various methods of detoxification (plasmapheresis) are offered. Their disadvantages have temporary effect and they “tidy up” the blood of the already formed fat and cholesterol, without affecting the mechanisms of their generation. As for vitamin and metabolic drugs, their effect is rather limited in time and visibly evident in the early stages of the disease.

Stem cell treatment for liver cirrhosis
The liver is the most ideal recovery area in the body. The success of regenerative medicine bioprocessing showed that the “threshold of hopelessness” in liver disease is much further, if the doctor uses stem cells correctly.

Stem cells have a two-step mechanism of action and is usually injected intravenously :

At the first time biologically active substances which are secreted by cells begin to work. After this the immune reserves of the body start working. The patient feels the improvement of sleep, tone, quality of life at this stage, since the first days of medicine injection;
In the second stage stem cells begin to work. They can reduce the use of medicines!

Advantages of liver cirrhosis treatment by stem cells

There are many advantages of treatment by stem cells:

  • Natural effect, in fact, we return the youth of your liver;
  • No side effects;
  • Systemic effects
  • Minimization of medicines;
  • Long-term effects;
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