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Rehabilitation after spinal cord injury

Cerebrospinal trauma

Spinal injuries most often occur during falls from a height and as a result of an accident. The clinical picture depends on the level of damage to the spinal cord and is manifested by a lack of movement and numbness in the body below the level of damage, dysfunction of the pelvic organs (urinary incontinence, or, conversely, difficulty urinating). In the later stages of the patients, the forced position of the affected limbs is formed, a decrease in the volume of passive movements.

Among the instrumental methods, the most informative are MRI and CT diagnostics, which allow to determine the level of damage, as well as the degree of damage to the spinal cord (complete or partial rupture).

Treatment of patients, depending on the time of injury, should be divided into 2 stages:

  • Acute phase – treatment in a neurosurgical hospital, with restriction of patient movements, if necessary fixing of damaged vertebrae, to reduce the damaging effects on the spinal cord.
  • The rehabilitation stage – at this stage the most important is physiotherapy treatment, the work of a rehabilitologist, osteopath, etc.

The use of stem cells at the first stage is possible in the early post-surgical period, as a stimulation of the internal regenerative properties of the organism. Secondly, rehabilitation stage, stem cells allow improving nutrition and restoring normal relationships in the spinal cord.

The average duration of treatment for these patients is 10 days, during which much attention is paid to preparing the body to the introduction of several types of stem cells, as well as rehabilitation techniques (physiotherapy).

Expected results. In the end of the course of treatment, patients show a slight improvement, however, subject to the recommendations, there is a tendency of recovery of lost functions in the long term, provided that the patient continues to work with a rehabilitologist; stem cells recreate a damaged matrix that needs to be renewed.


02. 03. 2021

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