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Kidney diseases

Kidney diseases

Kidney diseases may be caused by many factors. For example, badly healed cold can be the reason of glomerulonephritis – the disease that damages renal filter and leads to the kidney failure. Also the disorder of metabolism (diabetes, gout), neglected hypertension and some other conditions are causes of the kidney diseases.

The main problems of kidney failure are its progressing course and absence of effective methods of correction which leafs to the cease of the renal function, necessity of dialysis or transplantation. Besides, kidney failure is followed by many other problems such as: increased BP, fragility of bones, memory and reaction impairment, disorders of sexual function.

The use of stem cells is the perspective method of kidney diseases treatment. Stem cells provide formation of new vessels instead of the damaged ones, improve filtration, modulate the creation of toxic immune complexes and metabolic products reducing the strain on the glomerules. Stem cell therapy gives an opportunity to decrease the amount of toxic products – creatinine and urea.

Miroshnikov Yaroslav 18. 02. 2021

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