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Autism & Developmental Delay

Autism & Developmental Delay

As a rule, parents begin to notice the first manifestations of autism by the age of 2, when:

  • Delay of speech, frequent use of various sounds, repetition of heard words and phrases are formed, the child can speak only individual words, without forming sentences.
  • The child avoids eye contact, does not fulfill the requests and commands of the parents.
  • There are episodes of aggression (both in relation to oneself (pulling out hair, biting fingers) and in relation to strangers).
  • Social behavior is disturbed (communication with peers is difficult, reduced concentration of attention).

Confirmation of the diagnosis is based on a comprehensive neuropsychiatric examination. MRI, EEG and other diagnostic methods can be used to rule out other reasons for the development of such changes.

Today, there is no classic treatment for autism. All available medicatioins used in autism are aimed to reducing the severity of hyperactivity, aggressiveness of the child and other related manifestations.

As non-pharmacological methods of treatment, the most effective methods are behavioral therapy, social adaptation, animal therapy.

The use of complex regenerative therapy allows you to stimulate the internal forces of the body, to simulate the work of nerve cells, which leads to a decrease in the severity of all complaints and manifestations of the disease in a child. In combination with non-medical methods of treatment and rehabilitation, regenerative therapy gives good results.

The average duration of treatment is 5 days. It includes 3 days of stay directly in the clinic, intravenous administration of pluripotent fetal cells, the introduction of fetal neural cells at biologically active points.

The prognosis for treating children with autism largely depends on the tactics of parents’ behavior after treatment, on the correctness and accuracy of the recommendations are carried out. If all conditions are met, a long lasting effect is possible in the form of the normalization of the child’s condition, the normalization of his social, emotional and verbal behavior.

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