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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

The main manifestations of ALS: weakness in the limbs, muscle atrophy, the presence of twitching in the muscles, impaired swallowing, the appearance of hoarseness.


  • Comprehensive vertebral neurological examination.
  • Electroneuromyography.
  • MRI and / or CT scan to rule out other diseases.

In most cases, the diagnosis is made on a very typical clinical picture, however, to confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to exclude other possible causes of these disorders using MRI, as well as confirm the diagnosis using ENMG, which will show a very specific picture of the nervous system damage.

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Given that currently there are no medications capable of curing ALS, pluripotent (multifunctional) stem cells from the embryonic liver as well as fetal neural cells are used in the treatment of these patients, and their action is aimed at restoring the function of excitation transfer.

The course of treatment of these patients takes 2 days.

The prognosis for patients with ALS is an increase of life expectancy in average for 9-18 months.

27. 03. 2021

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