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Krupa Veronika Georgievna

Krupa Veronika Georgievna

nurse, highest category

Medical experience: 25 years
1998 Kiev medical school
Work Experience
1998 -2000-Kiev hospital No. 15 purulent-bone surgery, operating nurse
2000-2003-endovascular neurorentgenosurgery, nurse
2003-2013-Polyclinic No. 1 of Darnytskyi TMO, senior nurse, dental department
2007-2011-graduated from IAPM, specialization in medical psychology
2013-2016 - Kyiv Regional Hospital No. 1, Senior nurse of the coordination center
2016 - Renaissance technology clinic
Выполняемые процедуры
- setting of I / m, I/v, g/k, I/k injections
- placement of intravenous catheters
- proficiency in physical therapy techniques
- support of the patient throughout the entire treatment conducted in the clinic
- assisting the doctor with medical manipulations
- maintaining medical records
- ECG removal

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