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Life style after the stem cell treatment

Life style after the stem cell treatment

Patients often ask me the question after receiving recommendations after stem cell therapy – if you recommend me to keep the diet, lead active way of life, don’t drink alcohol, then why did I spend my money and time for the treatment as anyway if I keep those pieces of advice, I will be healthy. In such cases I always make the following comparison: you came to the prestigious car showroom and bought luxurious vehicle. After that you didn’t drive carefully, didn’t take the car to the technical inspection, didn’t change the engine oil etc. Your car started act up. Then you visit service station in order to fix it and you have two options: do the cheap mending or full repairs with the use of original spares. As being the wise man, you choose the second option and your car is like the new one. If you do not take care of it again – the story will repeat. The same happens to our body, but except of the auto showroom – Heavens and your parents, the role of the service station belongs to the clinic where you receive cheap recommendations and pharmacological treatment or full and expensive treatment with the use of modern bio-technologies. Again your choice is how to preserve the effect. The only one difference is that the health that you received is given by God and parents and the newly received one is the result of your efforts, time and money spending.

So, you decide…

Miroshnikov Yaroslav 23. 03. 2021

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