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Natural beauty (stem cells in cosmetology)

Natural beauty

Attractive appearance in the dream of all women and many men. Modern cosmetology industry has developed plenty of methods and approaches to improve the appearance. Among these are different masks, youth injections, botox, hyaluronic acid and plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the majority of these methods have some disadvantages: short-term effect and side-effects. The point is that most of the approaches are conducted with the use “alien” affects on the skin and doesn’t consider the dependence of appearance on the healthy inner environment of the body, which are first of all metabolism and the quality of sleep.

Complex use of the stem cells in cosmetology given an opportunity to avoid these disadvantages. The basis of our beauty is the special protein – collagen. The disorder of its production can be seen in the mirror. Collagen is produced by the special cells – fibroblasts. The injections of special stem cells – fibroblasts into the skin provides the production of new young collagen that gives skin elasticity and freshness. Besides, after the special preparation, masks with placenta are applied. Except of the local treatment, the systematic one is conducted – intravenous injection of universal stem cells to correct metabolism and neuro stem cells into biologically active points to stabilize sleep. Except of cosmetologist, also neurologist and endocrinologist take part in treatment. This approach provides high efficiency and long-term effect (minimum 1 year).

Miroshnikov Yaroslav 07. 03. 2021

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