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Stem cells: myths and reality

Stem cells: myths and reality

The variety of opinions among the patients and the doctors regarding the efficacy of stem cell transplantation differs is full of pros and cons.

15 years of our experience in stem cell transplantation gives us the possibility to explain such different attitudes. From the point of view of the patients, these are too high expectations from the treatment without any own efforts in the short period of time. Meantime it is proved that modern medicine provides the changes of the life quality for 10% and the change of the lifestyle – for 50%.

The main mistakes of the doctors who deal with stem cell therapy are incorrect choice of patients, absence of appropriate preparation to the use of regenerative methods and insufficient organization of follow-up monitoring after the treatment with the following reducing of the classical therapy.

Our own experience in the field of regenerative medicine has proved that keeping the rules makes stem cells the extremely powerful tool in the treatment of many chronic diseases.

Miroshnikov Yaroslav 11. 02. 2021

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