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Biopell hormonal pellets


Have you noticed how often tiredness or anxiety takes us by surprise right in the middle of the day? Inexplicable tension and irritability, lack of vitality, weight gain, decreased sexual interest, apathy, depression, inability to concentrate on anything: "The weather, probably" - we think, without even suspecting that the real reason lies much deeper.

All of these symptoms are obvious signs of hormonal imbalance, which can occur when one or more key hormones in the body are insufficient or, conversely, significantly exceed the normal concentration.

Hormonal imbalance occurs regardless of gender and negatively affects the health of bones, cardiovascular system, brain function and all important systems of the human body.

Hormonal disorders in women are most often expressed by the following symptoms:
▪️ weakness, fatigue, irritability, depression
▪️ muscle weakness, decreased exercise tolerance
▪️ dry skin, increased sweating, hair loss
▪️ decrease in libido, up to the complete disappearance of libido
▪️ sleep disturbances, "it is impossible to wake up in the morning"
▪️ a decrease in insulin sensitivity, the appearance of excess weight, a "life buoy" in the abdomen, because testosterone is an excellent fat burner
▪️ disorders of the genitourinary system: urinary incontinence, frequent cystitis
deterioration of cognitive function, "something has become of my memory" ..
▪️ decrease in muscle mass, sagging skin in the back, shoulder blades, the so-called "fat lambrequins"
▪️ the appearance of cellulite, which is not removed by training and proper nutrition.

There are recommendations: if all of the above symptoms in a woman are not associated with thyroid dysfunction, a decrease in estrogen levels, and free testosterone is in the lower segment of the normal range, a diagnosis of androgen deficiency syndrome is made and testosterone replacement therapy is recommended.

In men, we can observe:
▪️ fatigue
▪️ insomnia
▪️ weight gain
▪️ inability to gain and maintain muscle mass
▪️ decrease in sexual activity
▪️ low blood pressure
▪️ low libido
▪️ erectile dysfunction
▪️ low self-esteem

American technology for beauty, youth and health Biopell is a therapy that maintains natural hormone levels throughout the day and prevents the effects of hormonal imbalances.

Hormone pellets are small rice grain-sized implants inserted into the subcutaneous tissue. The granules that are not felt under the skin are slowly absorbed over 4-6 months to deliver bioidentical hormones and other drugs to your body. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia for 15 minutes, after which the patient is advised to remain physically calm for several days and avoid visiting the pools, sauna and gym.

BIOPELL - action effect:
- fats are burned, which makes it possible to get rid of cellulite faster.
- the state of fatigue disappears and you feel a surge of strength, energy and vivacity. Even if the sleep pattern is not regulated.
- sex life will be filled with new bright emotions. Testosterone pellet helps women recover quickly after childbirth.
- high performance and memory. Testosterone and other hormones enter the body, all systems are restored and the brain receives a hormone that regulates mood.

▪️ There are also pellets with progesterone, estradiol and estriol, which greatly facilitate HRT.

▪️ Pellets with metformin are actively used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome.

▪️ Pellets with NADH are called "pills for old age", this active form of vitamin B3 is a key link in the process of cellular metabolism and an activator of all energy processes in the body. NADH is also successfully used in the complex therapy of Parkinson's disease.

The effect of testosterone pellets for men:
- enhancing sex life and increasing libido
- a surge of strength and energy
- strengthening of muscle mass (stomach leaves quickly)
- increased endurance

With the latest American technology of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the result will not be long in coming, you will be able to improve your body appearance and well-being in the shortest possible time.

Miroshnikov Yaroslav 30. 05. 2021

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