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Stem cell treatment in Ukraine!

In 2006 under the guidance of academician V. Grischenko – the founder of cellular therapy method on a global scale, the clinic director, PhD Miroshnikov Yaroslav organized the Kiev branch of the Institute of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine. The wide field of application of stem cells in conjunction with the main specialty manager – sexologist (andrologist), who used an integrative approach to the patient, and gave rise to the doctrine of a closed loop, which formed the basis for the future of the Center.

The main principles of stem cell treatment in our clinic

Objectification of the patient’s needs. The choice of the physician is conducted during a consultation under the leadership of an independent moderator who is interested in the final effect of the treatment.

The use of the concept of “collective family doctor”,
the client is consistently lead by 2 – 3 – 4 doctors.

Pharmacological independency: minimization of drugs through the use of various alternative methods and reserves of your body.

Advantages of our methods of stem cell treatment

Regenerative therapy allows for a deeper effect, acting at the tissue level, and this creates a long-term positive effect.


No side effects

The main advantage of stem cell therapy is the absence of side effects.


Duration of the positive effect of treatment is from 6 months to several years

Without drugs

Our treatment method allows you to minimize the use of drugs, up to a complete rejection of them.

Non-surgical treatment

The possibility of failure of surgical treatment (non-surgical treatment).

No complications

Preventing the development of fatal complications of chronic diseases (heart attack, stroke, blindness, gangrene, impotence)

Treatment methods

Methods used before the introduction of stem cells (detoxification, disinfection, desensitization).

Do you need a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by a licensed therapist. Book an appointment now!

Do you need a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by a licensed therapist. Book an appointment now!

Our achievements during 10 years

  • More than 1,000 patients from different regions of the world (the Persian Gulf, the United States, Europe, South – East Asia);
  • Diabetes:
    – Minimization of insulin up to the complete rejection of it;
    – The elimination of the complications of diabetes: neuropathy (pain in the legs disappear maximum at the 3rd day of treatment); prevention of renal failure; recovery of erectile function;
  • Erectile dysfunction: the restoration of sexual life, without drugs and “replacement surgery”.
  • Male infertility: the birth of children with an initial small amount of sperm from the father, including without the help of in vitro fertilization;
  • Post-Stroke Rehabilitation demonstrate real patient videos, before and after (from a wheelchair to Orbitrek).
  • Angina: documented the formation of new coronary vessels without bypass and stenting procedures.
  • Degenerative diseases of the joints: the elimination of pain, motion restoring.
  • Other chronic health conditions, in ordinary life, requiring lifelong ineffective, but expensive treatment.

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