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Unnecessary surgery

Unnecessary surgery

Commercial prescription of the surgical operations is the problem of modern medicine. One of the examples is prosthetics of the joints in patients with arthritis. In this case doctor’s recommendations are included into the price. It is necessary to know that the only situation for the surgery for this diagnosis is the fourth stage of arthritis according to MRI. At the same time prosthetics is not the final solution of the problem as the maximal term of the prosthesis functioning is 15 years. Patients often delay the surgery on purpose to make it function for the entire life. It’s a pity as this time can be spent for avoiding the surgery as the correct use of the regenerative methods (injection of the stem cells into the knee joint), shock-wave therapy and osteopathy gives the opportunity to delay the operation for many years and more often – completely refuse of it and preserve the life quality.

Miroshnikov Yaroslav 28. 03. 2021

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