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Youth protein

Youth protein

Returning to youth again is often the eternal dream of many people. The meaning of youth to most of us means healthy skin without wrinkles, strong and flexible joints and ligaments, healthy teeth and many others that gives an opportunity to look nice, move and love.

Only few people think that all this is due to the magic protein collagen, which acts as a basic framework of structure and function. With age, production of this protein declines properly, resulting in increased wrinkles, limitation of movements, erectile dysfunction and other unpleasant signs of aging.

Until recently, these problems were rarely resolved without the use of surgery. In many cases, the introduction of biomedical medicine has allowed to replace surgery with the injection of fibroblast stem cells – cells that reproduce young and healthy collagen, restore healthy skin and physical strength that has been lost over time.

Miroshnikov Yaroslav 10. 04. 2021

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